Book Club – Discussions About Books and BookCrossing

Another wonderful meeting today with our younger set as the only attendees. Charlie had rustled up a few mates and Ashley bravely participated in the discussions as the lone female other than Mrs. Smith and myself.

Book Club 28 March 1

Some good reads were shared, (and some biscuits, this time with a contribution from Lachlan), and as we have come to expect this term, everyone listened to each speaker with a high level of interest.

Book Club 28 March 2

We also discussed participating in BookCrossing as written about in The Age Good Weekend on Saturday 25th March. Next term we are going to have a go at leaving some titles in different locations and tracking what happens to them. It should be exciting.

Book Club 28 March 3


Year 6 Master Note Taking and EBSCO Resources

This is a real advantage of having year 6 on the Senior Campus with access to resources recognised by tertiary institutions and teachers realistically preparing them for Years 7 – 12.

Students were introduced to the resource first with a guided walk-through, then given a model of how to take notes from the resource. The next stage will be teaching them how to reference the source, and how to create a written response using their notes and their own words.

EBSCO is available at home through the SIMON homepage and the Cornell note paper can be downloaded from the link on this blog post.

This is the sample note page – it is deliberately messy – notes are something you take quickly and which only need to be legible to the author:

note taking example

These images indicate the location of the resources and what the students have to complete next:


Year 6 note taking



Year 6 and the Australian Author Book Trail!

Year 6 arrived at the library door first thing on Monday morning to find a line of books leading them into the reading area. 20april163Following the pathway around the corner, most students found  titles that intrigued them and the trail started to shrink!

20 April 16 4
Hmm! Which one will I choose?


Within about 20 minutes everyone was seated and reading, with some last minute instructions from Mr. Nelson.


A great learning experience was had by all!


At the end of the lesson, all students left with two new novels in their hands, ready to enjoy new genres, new authors or new content. A great way for Mr. Nelson, Ms. Burleigh and Mrs. Simkin to start the week!