What does our library offer?

Our Senior Campus Library is a place filled with opportunities and assistance. It caters for students from Year 6 to Year 12 as well as teaching staff needs.

During class time it is a place to concentrate, be supported with challenges relating to classwork material, and undertake off campus work from providers such as Distance Education and Rural Industry Skills Training.

yr 12 in study

Students in Year 12 have a choice of study locations, but many choose to come to the Library; students from Years 11 ,  10 and 9 must study here. Visiting educators from RIST often attend their study lessons, and a phone is provided in our office for teacher to student communication.

academic assistance

After school a number of students access the Academic Assistance program which runs from 3.45 until 5.45pm and has a teacher in attendance to aid with homework and study queries. Many students use this time to make study notes for the lessons they have attended during the day. We provide flash cards for this purpose.

current display

For subject teachers we provide support by creating information pathfinders and setting up displays of material pertaining to the assessment task. We aid students to correctly make their citations and reference lists of material they have accessed. Increasingly we are providing virtual support for this purpose.


At recess and lunchtime our spaces are occupied by a range of students collaborating on jigsaw puzzles, colouring in our mindfulness colouring book, playing cards and just relaxing. Some students sit quietly in the reading area engrossed in a book, while others like the small, comfortable spaces to sit and talk to each other.

What else do you think we could offer?