Release to the Wild!

Book club this week saw the presentation of our first Book Crossings book ready to be released into the wild!

IMG_0744 (002)

Now that other members have seen a package ready to go we have more volunteers. My job this week will be to prepare another 4 books for release by tagging them at the Book Crossing site. Plans  are for College, Hamilton, Penshurst and Willaura!


Book Club and Book Crossings

Hooray – we finally had a Tuesday that was uninterrupted by other events, much to our leader Lachlan’s pleasure. Members got to see new arrivals from Lamont Books, and they had the opportunity to choose one title to read first.  Another enthusiastic meeting of a mainly male crew.

We have our first book ready to be set free as part of the Book Crossing program. The book will be launched  “into the wild” in a zip-lock page (for waterproofing) with a notice saying what Book Crossing is and a unique code number. The person who adopts the book will be asked to log its journey on the website using the unique code. If you live near Heywood, keep an eye open for a small package left lying in a shop!



Book Club – Discussions About Books and BookCrossing

Another wonderful meeting today with our younger set as the only attendees. Charlie had rustled up a few mates and Ashley bravely participated in the discussions as the lone female other than Mrs. Smith and myself.

Book Club 28 March 1

Some good reads were shared, (and some biscuits, this time with a contribution from Lachlan), and as we have come to expect this term, everyone listened to each speaker with a high level of interest.

Book Club 28 March 2

We also discussed participating in BookCrossing as written about in The Age Good Weekend on Saturday 25th March. Next term we are going to have a go at leaving some titles in different locations and tracking what happens to them. It should be exciting.

Book Club 28 March 3

Book Club Members Chewing and Choosing!

Members of the Book Club meet each Tuesday at recess, share some food and talk about enjoyable books. This week there was a special task – selecting titles from two big tubs delivered to our library by the wonderful staff at Warrnambool Books. Lots of impromptu reading (Mopoke by Philip Bunting) – and just like Leo, aged 3, whose comment appears on the landing page at the end of the web link, Lachlan laughed and said: “rude word”. Jarrod gave us a mellifluous rendition of That’s NOT a Hippopotamus!  – a very funny book from a New Zealand publisher. Zoe was critical of Mem Fox’s latest title: I’m Australian Too as she felt that the people in the story were stereotyped too much. What do other readers think?

Liam was delighted to have chosen the newest of the Star Wars books – a beautifully illustrated guide based on the latest movie, released in mid December last year. He was delighted to have it processed and delivered to him in class this afternoon.

This club is taking on a life of its own and developing a group personality which is delightful. Members should be congratulated on their inclusive approach to meetings and their shared leadership model.

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Book Club – our Inaugural Meeting!

Book Club

There was a wonderful meeting of bibliophiles in our library at recess today. Students came from Years 6, 7, 11 and 12 and they were predominantly male. The stories behind the choices of books that participants shared were possibly more interesting as the books themselves.

Meeting 1

Nick brought along a lovely copy of The Hobbit that had been given to him by his uncle, and explained why it was his favourite book and also what he loves about the story.

Jarrod talked about Resisting Hitler, a thick book on a topic that is of serious interest to historians such as himself.

Mrs Simkin shared When the Lyrebird Calls, which is on the CBCA Notables list for 2017. This is a lovely historical mystery set in Australia and well researched.

Angus is currently reading the Charlie Brown stories which are books he has at home. He is reading them because his Dad loved them when he was a boy.

Lachlan led the discussion and Zoe took the photograph. Great work team!

The students have decided to make this a regular event on Tuesdays at recess. All comers will be made very welcome by this lovely group of students.