Book Club – our Inaugural Meeting!

Book Club

There was a wonderful meeting of bibliophiles in our library at recess today. Students came from Years 6, 7, 11 and 12 and they were predominantly male. The stories behind the choices of books that participants shared were possibly more interesting as the books themselves.

Meeting 1

Nick brought along a lovely copy of The Hobbit that had been given to him by his uncle, and explained why it was his favourite book and also what he loves about the story.

Jarrod talked about Resisting Hitler, a thick book on a topic that is of serious interest to historians such as himself.

Mrs Simkin shared When the Lyrebird Calls, which is on the CBCA Notables list for 2017. This is a lovely historical mystery set in Australia and well researched.

Angus is currently reading the Charlie Brown stories which are books he has at home. He is reading them because his Dad loved them when he was a boy.

Lachlan led the discussion and Zoe took the photograph. Great work team!

The students have decided to make this a regular event on Tuesdays at recess. All comers will be made very welcome by this lovely group of students.


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