Year 12 English

The inimitable Mr. Wilson has started a support group for students to come into the library at specified lunchtimes to discuss aspects of the text currently being studied. Currently, this is Alistair MacLeod’s The Island. This is a collection of short stories set against the unforgiving landscape of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  These stories are all concerned with the complexities and mysteries of the human heart. Steeped in memory and myth and washed in the brine and blood of the long battle with the land and the sea, they celebrate a passionate engagement with the natural world and a continuity of the generations in the face of transition – in the face of love and loss.

The inaugural session was held today and a lively band arrived to hear the mellifluous tones of Mr. Wilson, and, to a lesser extent, myself (probably less polished in my presentation) read elements of some of the well constructed, beautiful sentences from this text.

This concept will continue to be explored and built on during the year.

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Two great programs implemented collaboratively with the English department this week! You can read about the other one here!


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