Knowing what resources are being used

Measuring resource use has always been something that teacher-librarians and Library staff have done to make decisions about new purchases, de-selection, and duplication. In the past, this was simply a case of looking in the back of the book on the date stamp page or in the catalogue (once we computerised the collections). These days, with a range of electronic resources for both reading and research the process is not so simple.

One of the questions that needs to be asked is how resources are being used, as well as who is using them. Sometimes we are surprised by what we see:

Other times it is quite predictable – they see, they read, they borrow!

How do we factor in what they read electronically? Some systems count usage and others do not! Increasingly we are seeing students reading from iPads, phones or laptops, which is great too.

We also have a number of research-based lessons where students use hard copy reference material but do not borrow it. This is where the teacher-librarian and Library staff need to know the collection and how it links to the curriculum.

One thing is for sure, our College community is a reading community and we have a great set of books for students and staff to read on both campuses!


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