The Vibrary Lives Again!

The Senior Campus Winifred Berry Library has experienced another year of the Vibe Festival and by all accounts there was fun had by all!

The Vibe Festival is not only a great way for students from other schools to experience The Hamilton and Alexandra College, it is also a wonderful way for our own college students (including the Year 5’s from Myrniong) to experience some of the activities and resources that they may not have discovered about their own school.

This year we called ourselves the Vibrary:

V Vital, valuable, virtual viewing
I Immersing individuals in information;
B Bewitching, bewildering – but beautiful,
R Requiring robust roaming
A Artful articulation.
R Results – really radical reasoning
Y YOURS – yes, all yours!

There were activities to suit just about every need and interest.

We had games of scrabble, collaborative drawing and word puzzles, 3D Puzzles, 3D Printers and Hologram making. Have a look at the video below to see a video of what was happening.

Vibe 2016 Pictures

In addition to some great activities, books relevant to each topic were put on display for the students to have a look at to show the range of information you can gain in our library on any topic.

All students had the opportunity to head home with their own 3D printed owl and the template and supplies to create a hologram on their iPad or other device.

We were blown away by how well behaved and inquisitive all of our visitors were. Everyone moved around from place to place, activity to activity and asked great questions along the way.

The activities we offered can be seen here:

The competition this year was to guess the number of books in our Fiction collection. Liam was closest to the number, using a calculating app on the computer to suggest just over 5000 (there are just under that number) and John was marginally under. Both boys won book vouchers from our local Bellcourt Books.

A postscript to the day. Two boys, one a visiting student and one of our current students, brought their mothers in after school to see one of the VIBE activities. One boy asked to use the 3Doodler pen. The other had his mum working on the Target words on our collaborative whiteboard cube!

And if you think we are a bit crazy – here’s proof:




Winter time fun

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This time of the year with the colder weather, and, thank goodness, the rain we offer a range of activities to our students at recess and lunch. An old favourite, which has not been used for several years, is our x-box. The game of the moment is  “Adventures” which most of our students have never seen. It has been lovely to watch the concentration on their faces!


Research in Science

This has been a great week for student research in our Library. Year 7 have been tackling a space task which has required discovering the scientific terminology and information to produce an imaginative response. All three classes have made good use of our book stock and our electronic resources.

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Year 10 are involved in researching Forces and finding out how things like crash test dummies, air bags and seat belts work. They have been accessing  number of electronic resources to gain current information about this rapidly changing and improving aspect of our real lives.

Along with acquiring content knowledge, students have been developing their skills in citing and referencing their sources. These skills will be vital when they leave us to move into further education at some point.