Family Reading Competition

Show the world

Remember, you have to be in it to win it! We plan to share the winning entries on both our blogs so electronic submission will be very welcome!


Leadership meeting

This morning, a small but effective group of senior students sat down with me over morning tea to discuss our Library offerings for 2016. A book club and a knitting club were raised as possibilities as well as use of the tabletop computer and our now reconnected x box (which we connect to the library’s interactive whiteboard). Discussion also suggested that our English department be invited to support our family reading competition – which is in the process of being acted upon!

Plenty of food for thought on which our Library staff must cogitate!


Year 6 and the Australian Author Book Trail!

Year 6 arrived at the library door first thing on Monday morning to find a line of books leading them into the reading area. 20april163Following the pathway around the corner, most students found  titles that intrigued them and the trail started to shrink!

20 April 16 4
Hmm! Which one will I choose?


Within about 20 minutes everyone was seated and reading, with some last minute instructions from Mr. Nelson.


A great learning experience was had by all!


At the end of the lesson, all students left with two new novels in their hands, ready to enjoy new genres, new authors or new content. A great way for Mr. Nelson, Ms. Burleigh and Mrs. Simkin to start the week!