World Read Aloud Day

This is an international event run by an organisation called LitWorld, which you can read more about here. This year all our teachers on both campuses have been sent an invitation to participate in this wonderful initiative.

This is a great concept because the value of focusing on audio delivery of material cannot be underestimated. It is also easy to participate in with year levels and subjects. The Year 12 History Revolutions class will be involved as selected interpretations of leading historians of the French Revolution will be read to them during class time. This will add to the delivery of information in a different way and will tap into another set of skills and they listen to and make sense of the material that forms a quarter of the course.

Updates to other participants and feedback on how the day goes will appear on this blog tomorrow.

What a wonderful way in which to celebrate the power of the written word, as we contemplate whether shared ideas are more powerful than group actions.