Creative coffee lives!

We have just held our second creative coffee session – held again by student demand. The session that we ran last year was implemented as part of my university subject Designing Spaces for Learning, which is described here. This concept is intended to get creative input from participants. This year a different cohort came up with a different set of ideas – some of which may ultimately be fulfilled by the planned, future renewal of the building.
Here are some photographs of the event:

Welcome sign on the interactive whiteboard.
Welcome sign on the interactive whiteboard.
Mindfulness colouring won over food and drink!
Some requested additions.
The colour of the walls is an issue for those who work in the building too. Interesting that one of our Year 11 boys felt so strongly about it!
An example of the “leading questions”.
These were some likes.
Collaborators in action.


Graphic books apparently do not fill this need. Our space is probably too small at present for a food area.
Obviously some participants presented a very single minded concept! But that’s ok.
Some views on our needs - perhaps on the wrong panel of our collaborative cube!
Some views on our needs

Alterations to the Curriculum for 2016

Just released information can be accessed here – and there are some wins and some questions raised – as is usual in such circumstances.

Key points:

Fewer subjects for Foundation to Year 6

More substance

Less prescription

Improved simplicity

Continuation of the History Wars (which always seems to be an issue).

There are two possible models:

Prof Wiltshire Dr Donelly's

Full details will not be available until next year, but the indication is that there will be less content for teachers and students to manage.

New Books

It’s an exciting day when a box of new books arrives ready for processing. Running the library as one entity really pays off in terms of resource sharing between our new branches. Remember, if we own it and it’s at the other campus we can get it for you! Teachers can access the Lamont folder on either campus, describing the books sent to us as part of our standing order, to read more or access  the titles they have supplied to us this year here.

This is a sample of what will be processed this week:

Some well-known authors and some new ones.
Some well-known authors and some new ones.
Lamont August 2
Picture books are used by young and older students. The White Mouse title is the story of Nancy Wake, and we will house that with her biographies at the Senior Campus.
Some great titles for all ages
Some great titles for all ages