The End of the Road.

After more than 10 years this site is being retired. But, never fear, we have a new site! It is possibly still under construction as you read this, but it will continue the tradition started all those years ago!

Come and visit us here!


National Simultaneous Story Time

For the Senior School students this year we offered a virtual experience for this Australia-wide event. The book chosen to share was The Cow Tripped Over The Moon. The version shared by ALIA was created by the author, Tony Wilson. He introduced us to the book, the illustrator (Laura Wood – a person who lives in Bristol U.K and whom he has never met!) and his son, jack who has cerebral palsy. Jack was the inspiration for this version of the story as it takes someone like him lots of attempts to achieve physical actions that most of us find really easy. There is a great lesson in this book for all of us about grit and persistence.

There is also a blog post on our Junior School Library blog here.

The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville

This term students are studying The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville and the nature of the task lends itself to some imagination and creativity.

To foster this process, a collaborative activity has been set up in the Winifred Berry Information Centre and it is interesting to see staff and students working in such a different manner.


Knitting Club’s First Stitches!

Well, Zoe has really launched something wonderful here! A bigger group attended and knitted last week than were able to be photographed before I left for the Junior School.

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There have been a number of emails requesting the time of the next meeting. Thursday lunchtimes from 1.05 pm until 1.45 – and parents, teachers and students are all welcome.

Parents, please sign in with Reception before coming in to the library.

Book Club and Book Crossings

Hooray – we finally had a Tuesday that was uninterrupted by other events, much to our leader Lachlan’s pleasure. Members got to see new arrivals from Lamont Books, and they had the opportunity to choose one title to read first.  Another enthusiastic meeting of a mainly male crew.

We have our first book ready to be set free as part of the Book Crossing program. The book will be launched  “into the wild” in a zip-lock page (for waterproofing) with a notice saying what Book Crossing is and a unique code number. The person who adopts the book will be asked to log its journey on the website using the unique code. If you live near Heywood, keep an eye open for a small package left lying in a shop!